Semi-automatic Parking System with Pit and Without Columns at entry

  • Independent parking for cars in rows one after the next. The platforms are electrically driven and run on rails. One empty space in each row allows the cars to reach the row(s) located behind it.

  • By laterally shifting the transverse sliding platform every bit of available space is utilized and maximised. The arrangement of the platforms provide the maximum use of driving lanes or space behind columns and in corners.

  • Modular construction and depending on the site conditions it maybe possible to add to system capacity

  • Maximum load per parking space is 2,000kg with option to increase up to 2,300 or 2,600kg
  • The traverse sliding platform reduces traffic area and optimised all usable space
  • Independent Parking Operation – up to 2 platforms with key-switch. From 3 platforms with programmable PC-touch screen
  • Parking platform load capacity
    Standard 2000kg – load per wheel 500kg
    Optional 2600kg – load per wheel 650kg
  • Multi-residential developments
  • Townhouse developments
  • Mixed use developments
  • Replacing old systems



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