EV Charging Station

The charging station every electric vehicles needs 

  • Charging station power: 7.4 kW Single-phase and 22 kW Three-phase
  • Optional Solar awareness – Choose to charge from your solar system, mains power or a combination of both
  • Includes a 5 m or 10 m Type 2 connection cable, 5 m Type 1 hose
  • Charging Mode 3
  • Charging station and vehicle charge status LED indicator
  • Impact-resistant and high-stiffness PC enclosure IK10
  • Protection Rating IP54
  • OCPP 1.6 JSON and MODBUS / RS-485communication protocol, enabling remote control and display of the charging system and facilitating, in turn, integration into other management platforms.

Why choose the Orbis brand

Easy to use and install

Integrated WIFI module simplifies remote control, programming and history log reading from your mobile phone. Designed for convenient and quick wall-mounted installation.

Energy Efficiency

The Viaris Uni charge modulator optimises the use of the power available in the installation to charge the vehicle, avoiding the need to increase the supply capacity.

Residential and Commercial use

Specially recommended for private use and installation, in single-family home or communal car parks, and tertiary sector facilities: offices, hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, companies, etc.

After sales support

Our specialist sales representatives and technical support service will help you to select the VIARIS model better suited to your needs. All models have a three-year warranty.

Standard Inclusions 

  • Charge modulator through one or three meters, enabling the end user to not have to increase the facility or home supply capacity

  • A TMC100 meter included in the single-phase VIARIS and three TMC100 meters included in the three-phase VIARIS

  • Easy and convenient to programme WiFi communication

  • Activation via RFID cards and touch sensor

  • Time scheduling control to benefit from time-of-day electricity tariffs

  • Leakage current detector with a direct current component to protect people

  • Electrical insulation safety system as per IEC 61851-1 standard

  • VIARIS App and embedded website for remote charging station management and control

  • Consumption reading from VIARIS App

  • Updatable firmware

  • Maximum current limitation via the integrated selector switch

  • Smart home input for external control

  • Multi-equipment modulator. Modulation function with several charging stations

Optional Extras 

  • Charge from your Solar system with Viaris SOLAR

  • SPL-ORBIS solutions. Total integration for VIARIS UNI and VIARIS COMBI +

  • Free SPL-ORBIS Monitoring

  • ETHERNET TCP/IP Connectivity

  • Modem 3G Communication

  • Additional MID certified single-phase or three-phase energy meter

  • Additional Schuko socket with independent input for external protections

  • RFID card (5 units)

  • Personalised trim frame colour


Questions or need a quote? 

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