Duplé Euro

Duplé Euro

Premium Dependent Two Level Above Ground Parking System

  • The Duplé Euro is a dependent parking system on 2 levels
  • Our unique lifting column technology allows greater access to the entry of the parking bay / platform
  • Cantilevered platform to maximise car bay access
  • Easy access to vehicle doors
  • Standard capacity 2000kg that can be upgraded to2300kg or 2600kg per parking position.
  • Platform widths of 2300mm – 2700mm
  • Modular construction and depending on site conditions parking system may be able to be extended
  • Dependent parking system on 2 levels
  • The lower vehicles must be removed when lifting platform is lowered.
  • System lifting columns are located at the rear to allow easy access to entry of the parking bay / platform.


  • Multi-residential developments
  • Single-residential dwellings
  • Mixed use developments
  • Internal or external use

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