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Uniparker N 5202 IS

 Independant Parking On 2 Levels, With Pit




No columns at the entry level so increased accessibility

Independent parking on 2 levels on the entrance level with sliding platforms and one empty space, on top with horizontal movable platforms. With low requirements on the ground-surface.


 Area's of Application



• Residential buildings
• Hotels
• Office Buildings


Functional description

The moving platforms in the pit and in the top level execute horizontal movements at the entrance level. The cylinder-controlled piston stroke sledge, with which these platforms are connected rigidly, effect a quiet run.


The sliding platforms to slide sideways in the entrance level run on rail-controlled rollings. By the use of the empty space (one sliding platform under number of segments) the movement of the moving platforms is provided.

The operation function by the use of the push button, with which the respective parking space will be dialled. In the automatic operation the platforms move when the gate is closed. The corresponding gate is approved to drive in and drive out of the system if the dialed platform stand by.