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    Evolution Parking System
    Kipparker N 3302 Comfort
    Liftparker N 4102
    Liftparker N 4402
    Liftparker N 4602
    Liftparker N 4403
    Quadroparker N 4902
    Quadroparker N 4903
    Parkline N 5102
    Uniparker N 5202 IS
    Uniparker N 5303 IS
    Parkline N 5803
    Transverse Sliders N 6301
    Longitudinal Sliders
  N 6101 + N 6201
    Combi Lift Max Car Lift
    Car Tower
    Smart Cube


Car Stackers International

Smart Cube

 Extension Of The Existing Format Type Concept (Complement To Tower)




Simple and cost effective solution

• The concept of the smart cube distinguishes consciously from thesmart tower. It differs in its cubical shape, technical function, as well as the alignment of the logo and facade. Therefore it represents a very own identity, not a small-sized and favourable priced version of the tower.

• Dependent Car Storage
• Brand Element for small "Point of Sale"
• Space Maximization


 Area's of Application



• Used for presentation & storage of new vehicles