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Car Stackers International

Combi Lift Max Car Lift

 Quadro Lift For Transportation Of Premium Vehicles




Quadro Lift transport vehicles to another floor

• Podium on one level with the platform
• Platform covered with high quality parquet
• 4 side glass enclosure
• Glass doors in both floors
• Aluminium ramp for driving in and out intergrated in the platform
• Innovated and space saving intergration of the drive on ramps


 Area's of Application



• Automobile Showroom


Integration in the ambient architecture

The design of the Quadro-Lift was adapted to the surrounding architecture in the showroom. The glass façade of the Lift creates an complete enclosure – seamless glass panels provide an optimal illumination.


A podium, placed next to the Lift, is on one level with the platform. The fl ooring has been designed with a high-quality glass doors in both floors parquet. The design of the flooring can be adapted individually to the costumer needs.


Scope of supply: Turnkey including glass facade and doors on both fl oors with all necessary – seamless glass panels provide an safety measures from the system supplier.