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    Pneumatic Elevators

  Our Car Stacker Systems

    Evolution Parking System
    Kipparker N 3302 Comfort
    Liftparker N 4102
    Liftparker N 4402
    Liftparker N 4602
    Liftparker N 4403
    Quadroparker N 4902
    Quadroparker N 4903
    Parkline N 5102
    Uniparker N 5202 IS
    Uniparker N 5303 IS
    Parkline N 5803
    Transverse Sliders N 6301
    Longitudinal Sliders
  N 6101 + N 6201
    Combi Lift Max Car Lift
    Car Tower
    Smart Cube


Car Stackers International

Quadroparker N 4903

 Independant Parking On 3 Levels With Pit




Our solution for high demands - Outdoor operation

• No columns or any other barrier in the area of the doors
• All platforms are horizontally accessible


 Area's of Application



• Private Houses
• Residential Buildings
• Hotels
• Office Buildings


Function description

The upper platform is the basic position on area standard, the installation in lowered position.

For driving on the lower platforms the system is put and raised by means of keyswitches and “dead man control “ into operation. Depending on the system can want to drive on the middle or lower platform now.

Leadership wedges coordinated with the car take care that the car be stopped in the right position and damages are excluded.

By pressing the keyswitch “lower” the installation is taken to starting position again. The key can be removed only now.

Being allowe to not hold back themselves any persons during the operation in the installation.