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    Pneumatic Elevators

  Our Car Stacker Systems

    Evolution Parking System
    Kipparker N 3302 Comfort
    Liftparker N 4102
    Liftparker N 4402
    Liftparker N 4602
    Liftparker N 4403
    Quadroparker N 4902
    Quadroparker N 4903
    Parkline N 5102
    Uniparker N 5202 IS
    Uniparker N 5303 IS
    Parkline N 5803
    Transverse Sliders N 6301
    Longitudinal Sliders
  N 6101 + N 6201
    Combi Lift Max Car Lift
    Car Tower
    Smart Cube


Car Stackers International

Car Tower

 Area Optimisation At High Property Costs On Attractive Locations




Appropriate presentation concept for high-quality automobiles

• The car tower stores and presents exclusively and comfortable all standard car models up to a weight of max. 2,5 t on multiple floors.

• Fully Automatic
• Increased advertising in a display spectacular glass tower
• Minimize Floor Space


 Area's of Application



• Used for presentation, storage and delivery of vehicles


It's all about attraction


The car tower in the function as eye-catcher is used to direct and conduct the glances aimed to the location and positioned vehicles.